Lasertech has mechanical equipment that is suitable for laminas forming. CNC machines such as pressing brake machine, roller bend and profile and pipe bending machine could shape laminas with length up to 3100mm. Innovation creates the cutting of pipes and side face. Lasertech facilities are even equipped, with the latest technology in order to achieve absolute precision in processing of a sheet metal. Its equipment is:

  • Pressing Brake MachineCNC 5-axis and 150 ton. for lamina length up to 3100 mm
  • GuillotineCNC for lamina length up to 3100 mm and cutting ability up to 8 mm
  • Profile and pipe bending machine
  • Angle Shearing Machine
  • CNC Roller Bend with 4 rollers (length: 3100 mm)
  • NC Roller Bend with 3 rollers (length: 2500 mm)