ANTBOTS: Small, flexible, low-cost

Theantbots, the flexible robotic ants, aresmallroboticlow-costunits.As individual units, they can solve many problems that require short-range automation, as a local transportation and placement (pick and place), that usually resolved with special construction and pneumatic systems.


But the real power of antbots is distributed in use as part of a robotics team (robot cloud).
If a group of antbots are positioned across a conveyor belt or around a rotary table, they can perform a variety of sorting, packing, product placement in boxes etc.,especially if they are combined with an artificial vision system.


A production line with antbots presents significant advantages:

  • Low investment costs and quick payback.
  • Flexibility in spatial form of the system.
  • Possibility of tiered expansion according to changing needs and the available budget.
  • Easily change of roles or transfer of individual units in other lines.
  • The same line can be used for multiple purposes, even simultaneously, where each robot can carry out different work independently.
  • In case of malfunction of a unit, it can be temporarily switched off without the entire line stopped.

The antbot can coexist and cooperate with “human” workers completing their work or taking difficult, tedious, monotonous or dangerous tasks.
They offer a multitude of solutions to the management of materials of all kinds, using different types of grippers, suction cups, flexible “fingers” etc.


So according to the heads that we can tailor, they can manage components, products in boxes, bags, bottles and even fragile, perishable or irregular geometry materials and agricultural products, such as vases, fruit, eggs etc.


A special application ofantbots is the dosing infusion.
In collaboration with Viscotec, leader in space dispencing, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.
By filling vials with micrometric precision, as bonding and sealing with one or two components of a liquid, antbots can meet the most demanding precision applications.
The antbots is a Greek product, designed and developed in Greece from Steeldot and manufactured in cooperation with the Lasertech, in its modern facilities in Thebes.

The strategic partnership between the two companies led to the creation of a high-tech product that is supported by Greek engineers with great expertise and high quality equipment.

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